Optimize Your Equipment’s Performance
and Durability with Oil Analysis

Unlock ultimate reliability with the Caltex LubeWatch® Oil Analysis Program tailored for the Indian market.
Harness the power of expert insights, specialized products, and personalized services like LubeWatch to reduce operational expenses and enhance equipment uptime.

Lubewatch Oil Analysis Program

Ensure your equipment’s peak performance with LubeWatch: routine testing and analysis for long-lasting excellence!

Dive Deeper, Drive Farther: Enhance Reliability Through Oil Analysis

Monitor Vehicle Efficiency

LubeWatch oil analysis isn’t just a service; it’s the pulse of your fleet’s vitality. By embracing this cutting-edge analysis, you gain the ability to meticulously monitor the life force of your business – your fleet vehicles and equipment. Regular oil analysis isn’t just a routine check; it’s a transformative process that optimizes vehicle and equipment longevity, refines oil replacement intervals, pinpoints lubricant requirements, and even tunes into the dynamic heartbeat of your machinery.

This invaluable insight becomes your compass, enabling you to navigate the ever-changing terrain within your equipment. Armed with this knowledge, you can orchestrate precise maintenance schedules, effectively minimizing downtime and eradicating the looming threat of catastrophic failures.