Celebrating heritage & embracing innovation

Caltex Lubricants’ commitment to India is not just a promise; it’s a relentless pursuit of excellence intertwined with the nation’s progress. Caltex aims to paint the Indian industrial landscape with innovative, high-performance lubricants that empower businesses to reach new heights. We look forward to investing in local communities through sustainable initiatives, nurturing the spirit of India.

Our commitment is akin to the unbreakable bonds of family, offering reliability, trust, and dependability to our Indian partners, as we embark on a journey together towards a greener, more efficient, and prosperous future. Caltex Lubricants, where every drop counts in fueling India’s success story.


Drive With Confidence

Caltex Lubricants is deeply committed to enhancing your vehicle’s performance and extending its engine lifespan. Our dedication is evident through rigorous quality assurance, utilising cutting-edge technology, and providing comprehensive engine protection.

Our lubricants are designed for optimal fuel efficiency, tailored to different vehicle needs, and formulated with eco-friendly practices. With Caltex, your vehicle receives superior care, ensuring exceptional speed and longevity on the road. We stand by our commitment to delivering top-tier performance and safeguarding your vehicle’s well-being.