Our Journey

Since 1936, Caltex has been on a journey with only one destination – the satisfaction of our customers. The Caltex Star, our symbol of quality, value and service, is also a constant reminder of our commitment to you. To renew your drive. To do the best we can to help you meet the needs of your journey. To recharge and refuel, not just your vehicle but your being. In addition to our accessible locations, modern facilities, high-quality products, and fast and friendly service, we’re always on the lookout for new partnerships that can deliver an even greater range of conveniences for you. Because at Caltex, our journey has only one destination. You.

Peak Performance, Now in India!

As we celebrate 8 decades of excellence, Caltex Lubricants is thrilled to announce its arrival in the Indian market through an exciting partnership with HPCL. A subsidiary of Chevron, Caltex brings a legacy of trust and innovation to the forefront of India’s automotive lubricants industry.

Our commitment is clear; to establish ourselves as one of the leading pioneers in lubrication solutions. With a rich history of delivering top-quality products and pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, Caltex is poised to redefine lubricant excellence in India.

Caltex’s Grand Homecoming with HPCL

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited or HPCL is a Government of India Enterprise with a Maharatna Status and a Forbes 2000 company. In a historic move, HPCL has joined forces with US major Chevron, granting us the exclusive rights to manufacture and market Chevron’s renowned Caltex brand of premium and proprietary lubricants in India. This partnership isn’t just about business; it’s about heritage and homecoming.

The journey traces back to the 1970s when HPCL emerged as a prominent player through the nationalisation of leading oil giants, one of which was Caltex. Today, as we rekindle our association with HPCL, it’s coming full circle!

The HPCL and Caltex partnership represents a commitment to elevate the Indian lubricant sector. Together, we’re set to enhance the industry with Caltex’s premium product portfolio. Our aim is simple – to provide lubricants engineered for excellence, delivering optimal performance and durability for your engines.

80+ Years of Trusted Lubrication

Caltex has consistently ranked among the world's top engine oil brands since 1936. For more than 80 years, our rich legacy of excellence drives us to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality lubricants, powered by cutting-edge innovation and advanced technology. Our unwavering dedication to superior performance and environmental sustainability positions us as the premium choice for customers globally.
























Formation of Caltex through the merger of Standard Oil Co. (SoCal) and The Texas Co.

Caltex’s logo features a red star intersected by the word “CALTEX”.


Post-World War II expansion includes increased bunkering services and manufacturing of lubricating oil.

Significant refining capacity boost with access to Bahrain and Ras Tanura Refineries in Saudi Arabia for growing markets.

Introduction of Caltex’s own branded products spurs sales, establishing a strong presence in petroleum products.

Acquisition of 40 surplus tankers leads to Caltex having the world’s 5th largest fleet.

Annual product sales growth of over 10% as operations extend to over 70 countries.

Japan becomes a prominent market, purchasing 11 million barrels of Caltex products.

Official name change from California Texas Oil Corp. to Caltex Petroleum Corp.

Subtle logo change with the word “CALTEX” printed over a white stripe intersecting the red star.

Launch of a global advertising campaign focusing on Caltex’s multicultural employee base.

Caltex Oil Refining (India) Ltd. (CORIL) taken over by the Government of India in 1976 and merged with HPCL in 1978.

Transition to using oil not produced by Caltex or its parent companies, becoming a trading company dealing on the open market.

Kosan Gas Company merged with HPCL

Launch of a new brand identity campaign, including updated signage, designs, and colour schemes.

Celebration of Caltex’s 50th anniversary, emphasizing its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen in 56 countries.

Focus on high-growth areas with an emphasis on trading, logistics, and marketing of bunker, aviation fuels, and lubricants.

Sale of a 50% interest in Nippon Petroleum Refining Co., Ltd.

Introduction of the Delta Star logo and re-imaging of retail outlets.

Name change to Caltex Corp., accommodating non-petroleum products.

Headquarters move from Dallas to Singapore.

Introduction of the “One Stop Worth Making” campaign.

Receipt of Singapore’s first-ever Global Headquarters Award, recognizing organizational transformation.

Becoming a part of ChevronTexaco Corp., fostering synergies with shared standards of performance.

Significant earnings improvement driven by growing energy demand, solidifying Caltex’s position.

ChevronTexaco Corp changes its name to Chevron Corporation.

Caltex Lubricants continues its journey in 29 countries worldwide.

On 10th August 2023, Caltex Lubricants establishes its first manufacturing unit of the Delo brand in India through a partnership with HPCL, marking its entry into the Indian market.