Caltex Lubricants: 10 Steps to Proper Diesel Engine Maintenance

Published by: Chevron Technology | 25-Jan-2024

At the core of every machinery, the diesel engine stands as the heart, demanding meticulous care and maintenance for optimal functionality. Among the vital facets of diesel engine upkeep, the spotlight falls on oil lubrication, particularly the practice of reliability-centred lubrication. By implementing the right strategies, you can significantly extend the life of your diesel engine oil, ensuring smooth operations, and mitigating the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

  • Adhering to the four fundamental "rights" of lubricant application—choosing the right lubricant, using the right amount, applying it to the right component/machine, and observing the right changeout interval—forms the cornerstone of our approach to lubrication excellence.
  • Selecting a high-performance lubricant tailored for the application is of utmost importance, as it acts as a safeguard for equipment and maximises overall value. Maintaining the proper oil level guarantees the use of the optimal amount of lubricant, preventing overuse or depletion.
  • A critical consideration is ensuring the lubricant remains uncontaminated by other products, especially assembly oil or incompatible lubricant types. The chosen engine oil should be exclusive to its designated application, preventing cross-contamination.
  • Regular testing of the oil in a laboratory or through online sensors serves as a reliable indicator for determining the ideal time for an oil change, optimising usage, and safeguarding the engine. Thorough filtration of the lubricant, with an absence of solid or liquid contaminants, is imperative for sustained performance.
  • Prior to introduction into the engine, the lubricant should be thoroughly filtered. High-quality filters, including the installation of a bypass filter for superior oil filtration, should be employed to ensure longevity.
  • Premium air filters are recommended, coupled with adherence to correct replacement procedures, guaranteeing clean air entry into a clean combustion chamber. 
  • Avoiding water contamination is crucial, and efforts to keep lubricants dry are pivotal for the longevity of many machines. 
  • Preserving the lubricant's properties and extending its life is contingent on maintaining normal operating temperatures consistently. Unwavering and proper maintenance practices are non-negotiable, with accountability upheld through the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) to oversee the team's outcomes.
  • Implementation of pre-lube systems and heating systems is advised, as this significantly reduces engine wear during startup, especially in cold temperatures. The insistence on using only premium fuel is non-negotiable, and periodic engine flushing with low-viscosity engine oil remains a key practice.

In conclusion, our commitment at Caltex Lubricants lies in providing not just products but a comprehensive strategy for diesel engine maintenance. By following these expert tips, you can ensure that your engine runs at its best, optimising diesel engine performance and durability.

This Article is written by Chevron Technologies In collabaration with Industry Expert