Discover the excellence of premium engine oils from Havoline® and Delo®, meticulously crafted to elevate the safeguarding and performance of your gasoline or diesel vehicles. Rest assured that our selection of lubricants for cars, motorcycles, scooters, as well as buses and trucks, stands as the optimal choice, ensuring a delightful and smooth journey.

Why choose Synthetic Motor Oil?

In today’s advanced automotive landscape, cutting-edge engines are characterized by their reduced size and weight, demanding cleaner operation, increased power generation, enhanced fuel efficiency, and extended intervals between oil changes. Delo and Havoline present a range of state-of-the-art fully synthetic motor oils, contributing significantly to achieving these goals. Synthetic oils provide superior and prolonged protection. They exhibit improved flow in colder conditions, offer enhanced safeguarding in hotter temperatures and under substantial loads. Opting for full synthetic motor oils ensures a more robust performance, supporting you in covering greater distances with ease.

Havoline® lubricants for PCMOs

Caltex Havoline engine oils play a crucial role in sustaining your vehicle's performance. With a legacy spanning over a century, individuals have placed their trust in the advanced motor oil technology of Caltex Havoline to consistently safeguard their engines from premature wear. Ensure the protection of your vehicle, safeguard your investment, and stay on the road with the enduring benefits of Caltex Havoline motor oils.

What is Deposit Shield Technology?

Utilizing cutting-edge fully synthetic base oils and advanced additive technologies, Havoline's Deposit Shield™ Technology stands at the forefront of engine protection and performance. This innovative formula incorporates special antioxidants and friction modifiers, offering exceptional defense against heat, pressure, corrosion, and wear. Additionally, it provides superb oxidation protection, volatility control, and superior performance in cold temperatures when compared to partial synthetic and mineral motor oils

Havoline engine oils with Deposit Shield™ Technology are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of your engine, delivering dynamic protection and performance precisely where it's needed most. The robust strength and durability of Havoline ensure your engine operates at optimal power, safeguarded against wear and the accumulation of harmful deposits.

Havoline Pro DS Fully Synthetic ECO SAE 0W-16

Havoline Pro DS Fully Synthetic ECO SAE 0W-16

Synthetic passenger car motor oil

  • API SN with SN PLUs (Licensed)

Havoline ProDS Fully Synthetic ECO SAE 0W-16 is an ultra-low viscosity engine oil specially formulated for Toyota and Honda gasoline and hybrid engines that are designed to operate on an SAE 0W-16 viscosity motor oil. It is designed for modern start/stop engines to provide outstanding fuel economy, exceptionally fast lubrication at cold starts, and excellent deposit control and wear protection.

  • Toyota and Honda gasoline and hybrid engines that are designed to operate on an SAE 0W-16 viscosity motor oil.
  • Modern start/stop engines where an SAE 0W-16 viscosity motor oil is required.
  • Vehicles operating in extreme hot or cold conditions where an SAE 0W-16 viscosity motor oil is required.
  • Outstanding fuel economy performance
  • Excellent deposit control
  • Excellent engine protection
  • Superior cold temperature performance
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • API SP/ Resource Conserving