Chevron, HPCL Launch Caltex: Paving the Way for OEM Ties!

Chevron’s subsidiary and HPCL debut Caltex lubricants in India, focusing on OEM partnerships. HPCL manages licensing, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution, producing Havoline and Delo lubes. Despite electric vehicle growth, India’s robust 3% CAGR lubricants market continues, aligning with Shell’s aim for India to be the third-largest globally.

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Caltex Lubes’ Grand Indian Comeback: Powered by HPCL!

After 12 years, Chevron returns to India’s lubricants market with HPCL. A 10-year partnership to manufacture and market Caltex products signals Chevron’s strategic focus on India’s industrial and commercial vehicle sectors.

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HPCL, Chevron: A Saga of Long-term Synergy Begins!

HPCL and Chevron merge tradition and technology, unveiling premium Caltex products at Mumbai’s ‘Gateway of India.’ This historic partnership transformed heritage into innovation, promising a future where culture meets cutting-edge lubricant solutions, shaping India’s landscape with excellence.

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HPCL, Chevron Forge Path: Caltex Lubricants Redefine Indian Market!

Amidst India’s landscape, a new era dawns, promising unmatched engine performance and environmental sustainability, driving the nation forward. HPCL and Chevron’s groundbreaking alliance paints the town with premium Caltex lubricants in India, unveiled at Mumbai’s iconic ‘Gateway of India,’ transformed into a visual ode to progress. Rooted in culture, elevated by technology, this collaboration introduces superior Havoline® and Delo® products, echoing ‘Caltex Yaani Commitment.’

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HPCL, Chevron Elevate Lubrication: Caltex Shines in India!

HPCL and Chevron join forces, launching premium Caltex lubricants in India. With a focus on quality, innovation, and a long-term commitment, this partnership introduces Havoline® and Delo® products, setting new standards in the nation’s lubricant market. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Silvassa ensures top-tier production, emphasizing HPCL’s expertise and Chevron’s heritage, promising superior products and enhanced value for Indian consumers.

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Caltex’s Indian Debut: HPCL, Chevron Join Forces!

HPCL and Chevron unite, introducing premium Caltex® lubricants in India. The monumental launch event transformed Mumbai’s iconic ‘Gateway of India’ into a visual spectacle, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to India’s progress. Manufactured in HPCL’s Silvassa facility, these products emphasize innovation and environmental sustainability.

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Powerful Alliance: HPCL, Chevron Introduce Caltex Lubricants in India!

HPCL and Chevron collaborate to launch Caltex lubricants, Havoline and Delo, in India, produced at HPCL’s Silvassa facility. This partnership signifies Caltex’s entry into the Indian market, offering high-quality lubricants. Chevron, a global giant, expands its presence, marking a significant milestone in India’s lubricant industry.

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Innovation in Motion: Hindustan Petroleum and Chevron Unite to Launch Caltex Lubricants.

HPCL and Chevron forge a long-term deal, launching premium Caltex lubricants in India from HPCL’s Silvassa facility. Focused on innovation and sustainability, this partnership expands the Caltex brand, featuring Chevron’s Havoline and Delo products in India.

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Witness the Grand Arrival of Caltex Lubricants in the Indian Market

Excitement Unleashed! Caltex Lubricants debuts in India on October 25th, 2023, at the iconic Gateway of India. Join us for a grand launch, mapping excellence at the heart of Mumbai!

HPCL, Chevron tie up to bring Caltex lubes in India

State-run Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd has entered into a brand agreement with US major Chevron to manufacture and market the latter’s Caltex brand of premium and proprietary lubricants in India.

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