Delo Gold Ultra X: A Premium Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Published by: Chevron Technology | 30-Jan-2024

Selecting the right heavy-duty engine oil is crucial for optimising performance and ensuring the longevity of your engines. Delo Gold Ultra X SAE 15W-40 stands out as a high-performance, multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically formulated for engines demanding API CI-4 or ACEA E7 performance lubricants, especially in demanding conditions.

Delo Gold Ultra boasts a myriad of benefits suitable for a wide range of industries, including mining, fleet management, construction, and agriculture.

4 Key Benefits of Delo Gold Ultra X: 

1. Reduced Maintenance Costs:

Delo Gold Ultra, formulated with ISOSYN® technology, utilises a combination of premium base fluids and high performance additives. This combination ensures exceptional engine cleanliness in all service conditions, offering high soot dispersancy and sludge protection critical for maintaining oil drain intervals in modern engine designs.

2. Prolonged Engine Life:

The high-efficiency ISOSYN® technology promises to provide maximum protection against wear in critically loaded components under various operating conditions. Delo Gold Ultra's multigrade viscosity further enhances sludge protection, extending engine life. 

3. Preservation of Full Power and Performance:

The outstanding metallic detergent additive system in Delo Gold Ultra preserves full power and performance, delivering excellent upper-ring-belt deposit control even under the high temperatures typical of turbocharged diesel engines.

4. Extended Oil and Filter Service Intervals:

Featuring a highly effective antioxidant system, Delo Gold Ultra inhibits the formation of sludge-forming materials, preventing premature oil thickening and filter plugging. Its efficient dispersant system keeps insoluble contaminants finely suspended, minimising their impact on oil filters.

Key Features of Delo Gold Ultra X:

  • Advanced additive technology
  • High viscosity index
  • Low ash formulation

Applications Across Industries:


Delo Gold Ultra proves invaluable for heavy-duty diesel engines in mining operations, offering the necessary protection to keep equipment running smoothly and increasing overall productivity.


Fleet operators benefit from Delo Gold Ultra by reducing operating costs and extended drain intervals. Case studies showcase its impressive achievements in terminal tractor trucks and severe bus service operations.


In tough conditions with heavy loads and demanding workloads, Delo Gold Ultra ensures the necessary protection for construction equipment, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


Agricultural equipment, operating in diverse conditions, can rely on Delo Gold Ultra for smooth performance, minimized downtime, and increased productivity.


Delo Gold Ultra stands as one of the widely preferred high-performance engine oils, delivering exceptional wear protection, improved fuel economy, extended drain intervals, and outstanding soot handling. Whether in mining, fleet management, construction, or agriculture, Delo Gold Ultra X SAE, a flagship product from Caltex, has the features and benefits necessary to keep your heavy-duty diesel engines running smoothly and efficiently. Invest in Caltex Delo Gold Ultra X for unparalleled engine performance and reliability.

This Article is written by Chevron Technologies In collabaration with Industry Expert